Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

How and why buy a Scooter Stigo

How and where can I buy a Stigo?

You can get our scooter Stigo getting in touch with us using the contact form. Then we will contact you to tell you your nearest reseller.

Where can I test ride my Stigo?

Please indicate your interest in the contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as we are coming to your city.

How can I become Stigo reseller?

We are the exclusive distributors in the peninsula and we are constantly expanding and searching for new points of sale. If you are interested in selling our exclusive STIGO please contact us.

Why not an electric bicycle?
  • Electric bicycles in the market are much larger, bulky and heavy and difficult to fold than the Stigo.
  • Once folded, it is difficult to transport them with agility.
  • The chain transmission system requires more maintenance than our Stigo.
Why not a conventional electric scooter?
  • The electric scooters in the market mostly exceed the limitations of power and speed to be able to legally circulate through urban nuclei.
  • Most do not have a seat to be able to sit comfortably.
  • Many of the electric scooters have very small wheels that make driving very unstable.
  • The scooters with the possibility of putting a saddle are very heavy and complicated to fold.
Why not an electric moped?
  • Large electric mopeds need a specific battery charging location.
  • Currently it is difficult to find battery recharging places available in the city or at home.

Exclusive design and technology

Is it comfortable to drive a Stigo?

The driving of the Stigo is extremely comfortable despite its small dimensions.


Stigo has been tested by multiple and diverse users with great satisfaction. Without exception, anyone who tries for the first time Stigo is surprised at the comfort and stability of his driving. The driving of the Stigo is comfortable for a wide range of heights (140 – 195 cm).


Its design has been developed taking into account various studies of ergonomics that can be seen in detail.

More information here.

Can I adjust the height of the handlebar or saddle? Are there different sizes?

You cannot regulate the height of the handlebar and the saddle because there is no need to do so.


On a regular bicycle you need to adjust the height of the seat to allow for maximum efficiency at pedaling (the leg has to extend). This also requires the adjustment of the handlebar because for city bikes it should be about up to 10cm higher than the saddle.


You don’t need to pedal when riding a Stigo – therefore no need to adjust the seat or the handlebar. Stigo’s handlebar is exactly 10 cm higher than the seat. The design of the Stigo is such that the rider’s weight is distributed between three supporting points: arms, legs and upper body – this reduces stress to muscles and back. This is the same concept which city bikes are based on.

How to fold and unfold Stigo?

Stigo folds and unfolds in 2 simple steps that do not last more than 2 seconds. Thanks to this, you can store it at the entrance of your house, in the office, in the trunk of the car or even on board a yacht.


Watch the video

How much does Stigo weigh?

Stigo Standard (with 1 battery) weighs 13.9 kg without a mirror.


Stigo Plus (with 2 batteries) weighs 15.1 kg without a mirror.


Mirror adds another 200 grams.


Stigo is effectively one of the lightest electric mopeds in the world, probably the lightest EU street legal foldable electric moped.

What speed does it reach?

The maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h.

How much does it cost to drive a Stigo?

The cost of driving an electric vehicle is extremely low.


You can drive about 15-20 km with Stigo Standard that has one 5.8Ah battery. That is 208.8 Wh or 0.2088 kWh. This is equal to having a 100 W light bulb on for 2 hours.


Let us assume that the price for electricity is about 0.2 euro per kWh. Charging Stigo Standard takes 0.2088kWh which costs 0.2×0.2088=0.042 EUR (4.2 euro cents). Therefore you can drive 15-20 km for 4.2 euro cents.


Driving 100 km will cost around 21-26 cents.


Compare that to a car with fuel consumption 5 l per 100 km, which will cost about 6 EUR (or more).

Does Stigo have extra connectivity tools?

Stigo has a mobile App that uses Bluetooth to perform various actions on the scooter as well as consult information:

  • On and off
  • Total distance traveled
  • Distance distances
  • Time of the journeys
  • Average journey speed
  • Map view of the journeys


You can download Stigo user app from Google Play store or Apple Store.


Watch the video

Use of Stigo and legal issues

Do I need a license? Do I need a helmet? Do I need to insure? Do I need to register?

The requirements of license, registration, insurance or helmet use depend on local regulations.


Many people do not have a security system within reach of the hand that is in the latest regulations of personal mobility vehicles of the City of Barcelona. This document will serve as a reference for other cities in the national territory. normative


By way of summary, this regulation does not obligate to register or insure a vehicle of the category of Stigo if you have a private use allowed to circulate in the same areas as bicycles.


The regulations require the use of the helmet as bicycles.


Although it is not necessary to insure the Stigo, we recommend it.

Where can you drive Stigo?

The circulation requirements of Stigo depend on local regulations. Many cities do not have regulations in this regard, which is why we recommend basing ourselves on the recent regulation of personal mobility vehicles of the Barcelona City Council. This document will serve as a reference for other cities in the national territory. normative


By way of summary it is allowed to circulate in the same areas as electric bicycles.


Given the characteristics and the approval of Stigo, it would be possible to register and adopt insurance to be able to drive on the same streets as cars and motorcycles. We, for safety, in big cities with heavy traffic, do not recommend driving next to the cars.

What is the legal minimum age to drive Stigo?

The circulation requirements of Stigo depend on local regulations. Many cities do not have regulations in this regard, which is why we recommend basing ourselves on the recent regulation of personal mobility vehicles of the Barcelona City Council. This document will serve as a reference for other cities in the national territory. normative


In Barcelona, ​​the minimum age would be 16 years. In other cities, a minimum age of 14 years is allowed.

Is Stigo approved?

The Stigo scooter is approved at European level and classified as EU L1 e category.


Its characteristics and limitation of power (250 W) and speed (25 km/h) make its urban use legal in most European countries.

What maximum weight is supported by STIGO?

STIGO admits a maximum weight of 100 kg.

Can you drive Stigo in the rain?

Yes. The Stigo is sealed to allow it to operate in wet weather. Just be careful as slippery surfaces can be hazardous. Keep in mind that the unit is not designed to withstand being submerged in water. Therefore, you should avoid exposing the Stigo to heavy downpours and extended periods of heavy rain.

Battery and recharge

Where can I recharge my Stigo?

Anywhere where there is a standard electrical outlet. You can recharge it at home, at work, or anywhere in the city whenever you need it.

How far can I go with a Stigo?

The autonomy of the Stigo electric scooter depends on the version you choose:

The Standard model with 1 battery, allows you a range of between 15 and 20 km.
The Plus model with 2 batteries, allows you a range of between 30 and 40 km.

Can I recharge the battery if it is not fully drained?

Yes, you can recharge your Stigo battery regardless of the charge level you have left.

How long does it take make a complete recharge?

The scooter will take between 3 and 3.5 hours to be ready to move with a full charge, depending on the model.

Warranty and maintenance

What is the standard warranty of Stigo?

Our products have a 2 year warranty from the moment of purchase including batteries.


The guarantee is offered by the seller of the product.


The detailed conditions of the guarantee can be consulted here.

What maintenance does Stigo require?

Very little, really.


The electric motor requires minimal maintenance, so it is sufficient an annual review and replacement of parts when required by ordinary wear and tear, such as brakes, tires, etc.


The user every 2 months or 500 km must make a visual inspection of the vehicle to rule out faults.


Annually or every 3200 km a review by an authorized dealer will be carried out.


If the Stigo is going to stand for a long period of time, the user should check every two months the state of charge of the battery and recharge it if it has suffered a partial discharge.


Stigo storage should be at temperatures above 15 ºC to avoid damaging the batteries.

What are the maintenance costs?

Being an electric scooter, the maintenance costs are much lower than those of a classic internal combustion engine. The Stigo scooter does not require oil changes and consists of fewer parts, which reduces the risk of breakdown.

Where to repair the Stigo?

It is essential for us to offer the best possible experience to our clients. You can choose where and when to make the repairs or revisions that your scooter needs, either in an establishment authorized by Stigo or in the place that suits you, where a qualified member of our team will attend.


Contact us to provide you the nearest center or so we can manage the pick up and repair of your vehicle.

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